PIHM File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
calib.c [code]Calibration parameters and function definitions
calib.h [code]Calibration function declarations
et_is.c [code]Interception and Evaporation from Cannopy (using Penman-Monteith equation) is calculated
f.c [code]Calculate fluxes, right hand side and construct ODE system
initialize.c [code]Dependent variables of model and control data structure are initialized
pihm.c [code]This file is the main entrance of PIHM
pihm.h [code]All the data structures and global variables are defined in this file
print.c [code]Function definition for printing user defined output parameters in either txt or netcdf format
print.h [code]Define output file mode and which output paramater to print. Also, corresponding function declaration
read_alloc.c [code]Input files are read in and dynamatic allocate memory

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