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river_segment_type Struct Reference

#include <pihm.h>

Public Attributes

int index
realtype x
realtype y
realtype zmin
realtype zmax
realtype depth
realtype Length
realtype Rough
realtype KsatH
realtype KsatV
realtype bedThick
realtype coeff
int FromNode
int ToNode
int down
int LeftEle
int RightEle
int shape
int material
int IC
int BC
int reservoir

Member Data Documentation

int river_segment_type::BC
realtype river_segment_type::bedThick
realtype river_segment_type::coeff
realtype river_segment_type::depth
int river_segment_type::down
int river_segment_type::FromNode
int river_segment_type::IC
int river_segment_type::index
realtype river_segment_type::KsatH
realtype river_segment_type::KsatV
int river_segment_type::LeftEle
realtype river_segment_type::Length
int river_segment_type::material
int river_segment_type::reservoir
int river_segment_type::RightEle
realtype river_segment_type::Rough
int river_segment_type::shape
int river_segment_type::ToNode
realtype river_segment_type::x
realtype river_segment_type::y
realtype river_segment_type::zmax
realtype river_segment_type::zmin

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