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global_calib Struct Reference

#include <pihm.h>

Public Attributes

realtype KsatH
realtype KsatV
realtype infKsatV
realtype macKsatH
realtype macKsatV
realtype infD
realtype RzD
realtype macD
realtype Porosity
realtype Alpha
realtype Beta
realtype vAreaF
realtype hAreaF
realtype Temp
realtype Prep
realtype VegFrac
realtype Albedo
realtype Rough
realtype rivRough
realtype rivKsatH
realtype rivKsatV
realtype rivbedThick
realtype rivDepth
realtype rivShapeCoeff

Member Data Documentation

realtype global_calib::Albedo
realtype global_calib::Alpha
realtype global_calib::Beta
realtype global_calib::hAreaF
realtype global_calib::infD
realtype global_calib::infKsatV
realtype global_calib::KsatH
realtype global_calib::KsatV
realtype global_calib::macD
realtype global_calib::macKsatH
realtype global_calib::macKsatV
realtype global_calib::Porosity
realtype global_calib::Prep
realtype global_calib::rivbedThick
realtype global_calib::rivDepth
realtype global_calib::rivKsatH
realtype global_calib::rivKsatV
realtype global_calib::rivRough
realtype global_calib::rivShapeCoeff
realtype global_calib::Rough
realtype global_calib::RzD
realtype global_calib::Temp
realtype global_calib::vAreaF
realtype global_calib::VegFrac

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