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element_type Struct Reference

#include <pihm.h>

Public Attributes

int index
int node [3]
int nabr [3]
realtype edge [3]
realtype area
realtype x
realtype y
realtype zmin
realtype zmax
realtype KsatH
realtype KsatV
realtype infKsatV
realtype Porosity
realtype infD
realtype Alpha
realtype Beta
realtype RzD
realtype macD
realtype macKsatH
realtype macKsatV
realtype vAreaF
realtype hAreaF
int Macropore
realtype LAImax
realtype VegFrac
realtype Albedo
realtype Rs_ref
realtype Rmin
realtype Rough
realtype windH
int soil
int geol
int LC
int IC
int BC [3]
int prep
int temp
int humidity
int WindVel
int Rn
int G
int pressure
int source
int meltF
realtype surfH [3]
realtype surfX [3]
realtype surfY [3]
realtype dhBYdx
realtype dhBYdy

Member Data Documentation

realtype element_type::Albedo
realtype element_type::Alpha
realtype element_type::area
int element_type::BC[3]
realtype element_type::Beta
realtype element_type::dhBYdx
realtype element_type::dhBYdy
realtype element_type::edge[3]
int element_type::G
int element_type::geol
realtype element_type::hAreaF
int element_type::humidity
int element_type::IC
int element_type::index
realtype element_type::infD
realtype element_type::infKsatV
realtype element_type::KsatH
realtype element_type::KsatV
realtype element_type::LAImax
int element_type::LC
realtype element_type::macD
realtype element_type::macKsatH
realtype element_type::macKsatV
int element_type::Macropore
int element_type::meltF
int element_type::nabr[3]
int element_type::node[3]
realtype element_type::Porosity
int element_type::prep
int element_type::pressure
realtype element_type::Rmin
int element_type::Rn
realtype element_type::Rough
realtype element_type::Rs_ref
realtype element_type::RzD
int element_type::soil
int element_type::source
realtype element_type::surfH[3]
realtype element_type::surfX[3]
realtype element_type::surfY[3]
int element_type::temp
realtype element_type::vAreaF
realtype element_type::VegFrac
realtype element_type::windH
int element_type::WindVel
realtype element_type::x
realtype element_type::y
realtype element_type::zmax
realtype element_type::zmin

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