Lake-Catchment Modeling Workshop

WORKSHOP DATE: Oct 26, 2014

LOCATION: Jouvence, Québec, Canada

ORGANIZERS: Prof. Chris Duffy (cxd11 @, Gopal Bhatt, Lele Shu

TECHNICAL CONTACTS: Lele Shu (lzs157 @, Gopal Bhatt (gopal.bhatt @, Xuan Yu (xuan @, Lorne Leonard (lnl3 @, Yu Zhang (yzz130 @, Yuning Shi (yzs123 @



We will review PIHM research: PIHM [Qu & Duffy, Kumar et al.]; Model and Data integration through PIHMgis [Bhatt et al.]; PIHM-webservices [Lorne et al.]; Sediment, PIHM-Hydro [Li et al.]; PIHM-Flux [Shi et al.], age of water (Duffy, Bhatt et al.); PIHM-BGC (Yu et al.), Dissolved Organic Carbon (Mei et al.).

  The focus of the hands-on catchment modeling sessions will be to familiarize with PIHMgis to model spatially distributed catchment hydrological cycle. Participants will use PIHMgis on their laptop or work in small groups for (i) automated ingestion of model parameters from national databases, (ii) conditional domain decomposition of the watershed into quality triangular mesh elements for numerical simulation, (iii) performing multistate distributed hydrologic model simulations, and (iv) visualization of model results as time-series plots and geo-spatial maps. Critical data processing steps and algorithm will be discussed to provide a clear understanding of the modeling process.

  A distributed model of Susquehanna-Shalehills Critical Zone Observatory (SSHCZO), a 0.08 sq. km. hill slope catchment will be developed. However, processing steps involved in model setup remains the same for developing simulation of larger scale watersheds.

  Geo-spatial data necessary for model setup is available to download (please see below).


  It is critical to take care of few things before the workshop. This includes (1) downloading and installing PIHMgis on your laptop, (2) downloading input data for modeling, and (3) downloading useful PIHM documents.

1. Download and Install PIHMgis software

  PIHMgis is available for download at the following link. There will you find options to select appropriate version of PIHMgis based on the operating system that you are running on your computer.

PIHMgis Download Webpage

Version 2.3 - Installation Guide (Macintosh/Windows)

Version 3.0 - Install Guide N/A

2. Download Input Data

  Here is the link to download input geo-spatial datasets that we will be using to develop a prototype catchment simulation using PIHMgis. Please have the dataset specific to software version you installed downloaded on your laptop at an easily identifiable and accessible folder e.g., “PIHMWorkshop” in your users home directory.

Susquehanna - ShaleHills Critical Zone Observatory:  SSHCZO for VERSION 2.3     SSHCZO for VERSION 3.0

3. Tutorial and Documents

  You may also download archive of relevant PIHM/PIHMgis documents by clicking here that contains electronic copies of the following documents.

PIHMgis tutorial: V-Catchment Tutorial

PIHM input data format: PIHM v2.x Input File Formats

PIHM output data format: PIHM v2.x Output File Formats

Introduction of downloading data from HydroTerre and conversion tool format Download

HydroTerre Data Conversion Tool format: Download